“We have the ability to flex some of our power to the rest of New Zealand during winter. It’s important to us.”

Allan started at the smelter when he was 18,

He has been employed at the smelter for 44 years. In that time, Allan has worked with a lot of people, helping them develop and realise opportunities.

“It’s a lifetime. While it hasn’t been an easy road, at any stage for NZAS, it’s been a hugely satisfying job. Tiwai is prosperous, it’s innovative, it gives people careers, more than one career, even. Tiwai is life for Invercargill.”

Manapouri Power Station

Manapouri was developed to create economic benefits to the whole of New Zealand – not just Southland.

“The lines from Manapouri, to the smelter, travel through at about 650 megawatts of power – at full noise. Manapouri is our lifeline, it’s an important learning environment to us as well.”

“We’re very conscious of our environment – we know exactly where our power is coming from.”

Allan Meikle

Hydroelectricity means green.

"Tiwai doesn’t produce just standard aluminium. Over the last 50 years, they’ve faced up to a lot of challenges to create some highly innovative alloys. Alloys that have allowed their low-carbon, ultra-high purity metal to be used in incredibly interesting and specialised ways all over the world".

"A high quality, innovative product that’s made with renewable power, here at the very bottom of the South Island – the word pride comes into it very strong”. Allan says.